Smutty list.

'So I did another list, with all the smut I've been 'collecting' and this time there's gonna be a link on my page where you could find it in the future. I'm going to be adding more smut to the list. I'll be updating more posts with new smut I'll find and instantly I'll be adding them here.

At the end of the list you can check other smut blogs and ones that cataloguize the fanfics by ships. In this list I just post what I please. Meh.



IRISH TWINK |**| SummaryZIALL. Niall was brand new to the porn star business. He was quite excited for his first time being filmed. With one of the best gay porn stars out there, Zayn Malik.

IRISH TWINK PART 2  |**| Summary: ZOUIALL. Niall is a porn star that gets a request for a video which he’d never see himself doing, it all becomes greater than he thought.

IRISH TWINK PART 3 |**| Summary: NARRY. Niall is a porn star…who works with Harry…that’s about it.

IRISH TWINK PART 4|*| Summary:Niall is a porn star and he is signed up to do a live show of just himself. In his bedroom. Getting himself off.

Tour Bus Bedroom. |**| Summary: Niall admits to masturbating on the tour bus. He describes it as ‘relieving tour bus boredom’.

Picture || Warnings: blowjob/69

Take control || Summary: It was rare when Harry and Niall got any time alone. But when they did, they used it to their full advantage. 

Gentleman in training || Summary: “Shouldn’t this be weird?” Niall goes on to ask, laughing a little breathlessly. He chances a look at Harry’s face, half-smile caught on his mouth, cheeks flushed redder than normal, and Harry can’t imagine what he means. | Basically, Niall rides Harry’s thigh.

All I have are these photographs || Summary: cute morning sex where harry rides niall aw cute + oversensitivity

Hold you in the palm of my hand || Summary: As with most of their sexual adventures, it’s Harry who makes it a thing, who brings it up as something they should do. It’s not that Niall doesn’t want it, it just doesn’t occur to him to do something different until Harry murmurs, “Could you pull my hair, please?” or shyly asks if Niall would mind maybe using a vibrator.

That’s what big brothers are for || Summary: Harry is 14 and Niall is 18 and they’re brothers, one day Harry asks Niall what it’s like to have sex, and Niall teaches him everything he knows.

Focus || Summary: Harry takes an intrest in his teacher, and it just so happens that Niall has a similar intrest. 

Part 1 - Rose Colored Lips

Part 2 - Painting The Roses Red

Part 3 - Red Hearts

Please professor || Summary: Niall’s a seventeen year old student and, basically, he’s got a thing for his math professor. Warnings: Well, it’s gay smut, so buttsex, a bit kinky teacher/student, underage (17/24), and yeah and I have a thing for submissive Niall so there’s that.

Mr. Bones || Summary: Morning sex centered around an obsession for Niall’s spine.

I’ll be here for you series:

You’re young and you’re dumb || Summary: Niall spends the whole day and the next morning fucking Harry.

U.R.A. fever || Summary: Harry comes down with the flu, just before him and Niall are due to drive up to Cheshire. Niall takes care of him.

On the tip of your tongue |*| Contains: rimming/slight fingering

Pretty in pink || Summary: Harry (14) dresses up in pink tights and lace for his boyfriend Niall (15).

Bottle of trouble series:

One Drink || Summary: Niall’s had a crush on the most popular senior boy at school since sophomore year. When Louis drags him to one of Styles’ exclusive parties, Niall was resistant. But when he gets seven minutes in heaven with the Harry Styles, he’s somewhat glad that Louis made him come.

In my room |**| Summary: Harry takes Niall up to his room after a few more drinks. This time, he’s sure he can get more than a quick hand under Niall’s shirt.

Boy’s bathroom || Summary: The weekend of the party is over but school isn’t the only thing on its back that Monday.

Virtue of sharing |**| Summary: If there was anything Harry learned while attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic High School, it was that sharing is caring.

The world, it’s turning inside-out |***| Summary: The night before the first live show of X Factor’s ninth series, George meets Harry and Louis in a nightclub.

Warnings: Explicit sexual content (fingering, oral sex, penetrative sex, comeplay, mentions of rimming, some pain!kink, overstimulation, bruising, threesome, size!kink) and graphic sexual dialogue. (Chaptered)

Clearly intended for you || Summary: “Look, you’re in university! It’s like the time for you to, y’know, experiment and try anal once or nine times,” Louis says in what he thinks is a comforting, calming voice. (Louis and Liam are rooming at university and - it’s just PWP.)

All dolled up |***| Summary: Louis is full of good ideas, and lucky enough to have a Liam, who always goes along with them.

I like it rough |*| Summary: Louis has a kink for receiving pain and Liam a kink for inflicting pain!

You’ve been very sexy || Summary: Liam finds Louis trying on a corset (and not much else) in his hotel room and then proceeds to fuck him on the dressing table.

Say things I never said || Summary: Wherein Liam enjoys it a bit too much when Louis pinches him, and has a lot of confusing feelings about it. Also confusing blowjobs, there are those too.

Untitled || Prompt: Could you do ziall smut like really kinky with Dom!Niall and Sub!Zayn and include Zayn riding Niall?

Is there a problem officer? |*| Contains: rimming/handcuffs/cop!zayn

Niall needs his Daddy |**| Contains: daddy!kink/toys/smut/swollen ass

Go down on me |*| Categories: Alpha/omega/beta, knotting

Making You Happy || Contains: Underage, daddy kink.

Sex ed |**| Contains: nurse!Zayn/underage!Niall/first time/fingering

Daddy please |***| Contains: underage/incest/MO/daddy!kink (x)

By the morning empty || Summary: You could say that Zayn was the reason Niall’s childhood was so messed up.

Cock-snowflake |*| Summary: Niall finds Zayn’s sketch book, and he doesn’t expect what he finds.

Cake-slut (2nd part of Cock-snowflake) || Summary:Niall bakes Zayn a cake…. A kinky one at that.

Phase One (series) || Summary: When he woke up that morning, Niall wasn’t aware that Zayn would track him down after breakfast and slip a butt plug and container of lube into the pocket of his sweats. He wasn’t aware that Zayn would lead him into the back room of the bus and insist on helping Niall put it in. He wasn’t aware that in a few hours’ time, he would find himself sitting at the bus’ kitchen table, trying to watch the footie game, only to be disrupted by Zayn’s libido. Not that he was complaining – he just wasn’t aware.

Bang you like a drum || Contains: fingering/alpha!niall/omega!josh/lots of cum/fluff

I be 6, you be 9 || Contains: 69/rimming/fingering/blowjobs/petnames 

Play house |**| Contains: daddy!kink/rimming/fingering/barebacking

Make you laugh, make you gasp || Summary: Louis and Niall get together and no one seems to notice the change. Naturally, Louis turns it into a game.

By the morning empty || Summary: You could say that Zayn was the reason Niall’s childhood was so messed up.

Dock || Contains: docking/bottom!niall/top!josh/foreskin play

Your innocence thrills me || Innocent!Louis, Badboy!Zayn, Blowjobs!, riding!, smoking, drugs. Summary: Louis’ sick of being innocent and just wants to try weed and suck Zayn’s dick. Zayn’s intrigued. 

Red light district || Contains: underage!zayn/stripper!louis/smut

Summer milkshake || Smut. Underage.

Hot for teacher|| Summary: Louis needs extra credit for Mr. Malik’s class, and he’s willing to do just about anything to get it.

It’s oh, so quite || Summary: Growing up in a house with so many sisters, Louis got very used to being quiet whenever he got off, so much so that he doesn’t even notice that not making noise is unusual. Cue bandmember of your choice taking it as a challenge to make him as loud as possible.

The heat is stifling |**| A/O AU/rimming/fingering/knotting/mpreg/buckets of cum.

Crossdress day || Summary: Louis loves to wear feminie clothing. His sister’s to be precise. It was a well kept secret until the boyfriend of said sister catches him in the prettiest, most fitting set of black nylon stockings he’s ever seen.

Come and get me || Summary : Zayn calls Louis to have him come undone on the phone, but they have a change of plans. sequel ‘to crossdress day’

Like there’s nobody watching |*| Summary:

"I dare you to do it," Harry says, and Zayn scoffs.

"Are you serious?" he asks.

"Oh, here we go," Liam says, half fond and half exasperated.

Louis’ eyes are narrowed as well, and he bares his teeth at Harry. “Dare me to what?”

"I dare you," Harry says, “to have a wank in the same room as all of us, where we can’t tell you’re doing it."

Or, the one where Louis can’t turn down a dare and too much information is had by all. But mostly Zayn.

Tie me up || Warnings: sexual content, gay sex, bondage (light), dirty talk.

This heart will start a riot in me || Summary: “Mine,” Zayn growls and snatches Louis away from the man before he can dip his head to kiss Louis. The Beta stumbles back, looking confused and goes about dancing as if nothing has happened after a while. Zayn spins Louis around. “You’re such a fiesty little shit.”

Get you going like |**| Summary: For this prompt on the kink meme: Zayn tries to get Lou off with just rimming and playing/kissing/biting his nipples

Though My Feet Aren’t on the Ground (I Been Standin’ on the Sound) || Summary: Louis’ head rolls to the side, movements slow as he reaches for the bowl in Zayn’s other hand. Zayn makes a reproachful sound when Louis tries to take the bowl, tucking the pipe end between Louis’ lips himself. He flicks the light, thumb over the choke, and Louis breathes in deep, letting the smoke into his lungs as he drops his head back against the mattress.

If it wasn’t for you meddling kids || Summary: Louis is distraught to learn that Harry’s at a party with David Beckham. Zayn distracts him with weed and sex in the Mystery Machine. Plot-heavy in the extreme, obviously.

Pool slut || Summary: Louis is failing his swimming class. Mr Malik hates failure.

Be professional || harrytop, frottage, office, au, dirty talk, daddy, fingering, spanking

It’s Like This || Summary: Going to University in America means being able to introduce Harry as his boyfriend, not his brother, it means being able to kiss Harry in public and no one’s the wiser, it means being able to entertain the idea of having a threesome with Harry and that new kid in Drama Club. Louis loves University.

I can tell just what you want ||Summary:Louis (18) is Harry (10) babysitter, and one day when Harry has an accident, Louis discovers something dirty. And he wants more.Warnings:watersports, underage.

The other side || Summary: Harry has never been eaten out. Louis changes that. Genderswap.

I can be your dirty daddy || summary: Harry confesses to Louis that he has a secret fantasy for the daddy kink. Louis later stumbles upon the perfect situation to make this fantasy a reality for Harry.

Hiding out in the kitchen || Summary: Harry’s in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he’s headed to Australia in a week. He doesn’t need anything else, and he certainly doesn’t need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that’s all it is. Right?

But maybe I’m just in love when you wake me up |********| (Best shit ever read) Louis might finger Harry into a messy orgasm during one of their shared baths, holding Harry’s back tightly to his chest with one arm while the other works frantically between spread thighs. And mor

Land your hand ‘til I am found || Summary: Louis catches Harry masturbating, and he can’t seem to get it off his mind.

Stay || Prompt: Can you please write a oneshot about Louis/harry walking in on the other while he’s wanking so he’s like im so sorry and about to leave but then the other asks him to stay?? And of course with smut! 

Made to beg || Summary: “So, you tie me up, use me and tease me but don’t let me come no matter how much I beg.”

Familiar Silence || Summary: Harry and Louis take a shower together and Harry convinces Louis to do something for him that he really needs. And apparently what he needs is to be pissed on.

Make me scream || Summary: Basically just filthy Larry smut, tbh. It took me over two weeks to write. (It’s top!harry/bottom!louis but Louis is still dominant, if that makes sense.)

Feels so right (but feels so wrong) || Summary: Harry is 16 years old and has been trying to seduce his new stepdad Louis, who is 36, for as long as he can remember. One weekend when Harry’s mum is away on a business trip, Harry finally decides to do something about his fixation with Louis. Warnings: underage, incest, sexual content, swearing, dirty talk.

Pretty little slut ||Summary: Harry is sick o f the affection Louis is showing the other boys, especially Liam. Harry’s going to show his boyfriend that Louis is only his slut and no one else’s.

Closer |Part 1| |Part 2Summary: 14 year old Harry’s dad owns a stripclub, and one day Harry becomes curious.

My good boy || Warnings: underage, incest, daddy kink, oral sex - basically everything you need to get yourself to hell.

Darcy’s dad || Summary: Prompt Fill: Harry is Darcy’s boyfriend, and Louis is Darcy’s father. Harry doesn’t seem so interested in the girl.

Just a quick look || Summary: Harry’s a 16 year old student, Louis’s the school nurse (Let’s say he’s about 25? give or take). Harry’s got a crush on Louis and has no shame about trying to get Louis to give in to his advances. He claims having pains or weirdness in his pants, any excuse to get his cock out for nurse Louis. At first Louis tries being completely professional, but Harry doesn’t give up. Eventually Louis can’t take it anymore and gives the student what he wants, guiltily enjoying every second of it.

Spread ‘em |*| Contains: bondage/gymnast!louis/lots of cum/bit of fluff

Go with it || Summary: Harry is at Louis’ house one night when they get to talking about willies.

Feeling kinda seasick || Summary: Harry’s hands come up to grip at Louis’ biceps, his fingers squeezing into his muscle with blunt nails. Louis rubs over his left nipple, slow and hard, as he chews the other, and Harry lets out a moan that’s full and sweet and Louis’ groin is heavy and aching beneath Harry’s squirming hips.

Feels really good baby |**| Summary: Harry is five and Louis is his new dad.

With the lights out |**| Summary: ‘Somehow, one day,’ Harry wonders aloud, ‘we’ve got to fuck on stage. Like, when the place is empty. Wanna make you scream in that big open space, Lou.’ ~ Stage Whisper - that ‘one day’ is here.

Balance || Summary: It’s Louis’ birthday, and Harry wants to give him his present. A really strange, incentuous present.

White Hot || warnings: sex sex sex

Just Feel || Peter Pan AU. Summary: Louis shows Harry Neverland, and Harry shows Louis things he never knew he needed.

Above and below || Prompt: 69, where they’re both being very vocal

Hands and knees for two days straight |************| Warnings: dirty talk, begging, sex machines, bondage, overstim (because everything is overstim in this), blindfold, anal pluggage, role play, shower sex, knife play (nothing serious), cumshots, food play, Stripper!Louis, blow jobs (lots of them), rough sex, hair play, Dom/Sub, rimming, basically everything you could ever hope for.

Bent at the knees behind the trees || Contains: public sex

Trading places || Warnings: rimming/top!Harry(kinda)/spanking

Underage incest || Summary : Louis(15) and Harry(13) are brothers. They never really had any boundaries, they just didn’t think they could go that far and feel the need to go a bit further. 

Like cinnamon and vanilla || Summary : Louis works in a coffee shop and Harry is a daily customer. Everything is fine and both boys become friends….until Louis gets frustrated (and Harry finds out that he’s rather addicted to Louis cock)

Rainy days || Sumary: Harry doesn’t like football but still goes to Louis’ house everyday to play with him. Harry prefers rain because he can be on the couch with Louis watching TV instead of playing football. Harry doesn’t know how French kisses work. Louis claims he does.

But you’re my cum slut || Summary: Louis is a cum slut and loves to give Harry blow jobs. One day Harry jokingly suggests he start bottling his cum and Louis loves the idea. He carries the bottle everywhere and demands Harry refill it when empty, no matter where they are.

Kink therapy |*********| Prompt: Where Louis and Harry don’t know each other but they both have to go to a sex kink therapy group. Harry has a problem where he’s obsessed with sticking random household products inside of people during sex because he gets off on it and Louis has a problem where he’s overly submissive. At the end of the group meeting, Harry convinces Louis to come home with him. They forget everything they learned and their kinks come out.

Homophobia || Summary: Harry bullies Louis because he’s gay. After one drunken night everything gets more complicated. How will Louis cope? (Chaptered.)

Five times Louis is very, very angry and Harry is very, very, horny || Summary: It just happens what the tittle says.

Problems with drinking milk || Summary: ‘What is this?’ Harry asks, slipping his finger between his lips before setting the sample jar down on the counter next to his plate of half-eaten biscuits. Louis coughs and tries to think up a lie as Harry reaches to swirl his finger through what’s still in the Tupperware, bringing it to his lips quickly.

Emotion in motion || Genderswap! A/N: This is an AU in which Louis was born Louise. Summary: Louise is horny this morning. Harry gladly indulges her.

So I just ride || Summary: “I want to try something new tonight. I mean, we’ve already done it, but not in the way I’m thinking of.” Louis cocks an eyebrow. “Like what?” “Like I want you to ride my face.” And it comes out really, really blunt.

He’s not right for you || Summary: Liam has a younger brother, Louis, who his best friend, Harry, shows an interest in

Everything you want || Summary: A Larry/Marcel Threesome

A picture says 1000 words || Summary: Harry and Louis meet in a club. Harry brings Louis back to his flat and Louis finds out that Harry’s a photographer. Louis wants Harry to take pictures of him, but it turns out they have two different meanings for pictures.

Lolita |**| Summary: He blinks up at Harry under his sticky, dark lashes before pulling the slick finger out his mouth and whispering “fuck me, daddy.”

Watch me apply the pressure, all decked in lace and leather || Summary: The problem is, he’s never had this sort of problem with his clients before. He’s young, yes, and he’s heard some of the elderly women who come in mutter disdainfully about “shameful new-age hippie tree-huggers,” but he’s the consummate professional. He keeps the line between him and his clients firmly in place. But Louis…Louis is his type. Sexy. Sexy is his type, and Louis is it. If they’d met in a club instead, Harry would probably be humping his leg right now. As it is, he’s barely resisting the desire to grind against him on the table. But there’s a part of him that wonders if Louis might be up for it.

Settlement || Summary: Sequel to slippageIt might be weird, might be a little bit fucked-up, but it’s not like they have to tell anybody about it. It’s theirs. It could always be theirs.

The edge of madness || Summary: Louis’ being edged by Harry, kept close to orgasm without being allowed to come. Includes tickling, a butt plug, and just enough touching to keep Louis right on the edge of madness.

Take me to your jungle, I’m not afraid || Summary: They are pornstars. They get to work together.

Let’s be alone together || Summary: Harry Styles is a millionaire in the 50’s who owns hotels in Europe. Louis is a prostitute and they accidentally fall in love.

Glimpse of the silhouettes |**| Summary: Harry isn’t sure what the rules are for this. It’s hard to believe that there are any, that’s there’s a handbook just waiting for him to buy: why is my best mate getting hard in my lap when I touch his arse?

It’s my pleasure to introduce you |****| Summary: AU where Louis is the most helpful sex shop salesperson in the history of sex shops, and Harry really was just looking for a vibrator with simple instructions (yet ended up getting a hands-on demonstration).

Louis’ baby sitter |**| Summary: Louis is 15 and likes to have boys over to fuck him when he’s alone. So, his mum hires a babysitter, 19 year old Harry, to make sure he doesn’t have anyone over. Louis is pleasantly surprised by his very attractive babysitter.

Finding heaven when you’re stuck in hell || Summary: Louis, 14, shares a room with his brother, Harry, 10. Their mum is dead and their dad doesn’t pay much attention to them, so Louis has to take care of Harry. He doesn’t really mind, though. When their dad does start paying attention to Louis late at night, Louis knows he can’t let Harry find out.

Where does it hurt |*| Summary: Harry asks his daddy to play doctor with him. Louis agrees and Harry makes him feel better where he’s hurting.

Pretty little girl || Summary: In which Louis buys Harry pretty panties and calls him his pretty little girl.

Pleasing daddy || Summary: Louis has been a single father for a while now, he had tragically lost his wife Jenny in a car accident seven years ago leaving him to care for their only son, Harry.

Cruscrushcrush |**| Summary: At fourteen and twelve, Louis and Harry can only learn from each other.

Put your body to the test with mine || Summary:(done for this prompt) Harry and Edward (Styles twins yup) having sex and Louis’s their father and he catches them and he’s so angry so he wants to punish then and make them fuck so hard in front of him and like with dirty talk and spanking and Louis telling them what to do and humiliating them and yup, it’s sick but I’d love it.

Standing in the corner shadowed by the light || Summary: "So Haz how about it? Gonna suck your dick for me? Come on your pretty little face? Maybe if you do a good enough job i’ll fuck you just how you like it. Bend you over with your hands behind your back hmm? Fuck you hard and pinch at your nipples till you come again? Maybe after that i’ll lick my come out of you if you can be a really good boy for me. would you like that princess?" 

The sound of your voice |**| Summary: Harry’s parents are divorced and he’s spending the weekend at his mum’s. He calls his dad with a problem and Louis talks him through it. Father/son phone sex ensues.

And I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tall || Summary: ”So now Louis is on the floor of the locker room wearing panties covered in his and Harry’s come and it’s not his fault. Not one bit.”

Simmer down and pucker up || Summary: At times, Harry couldn’t believe how positively obedient Louis was. Such as, at the current moment, where Louis sat with his hands clasped firmly behind his back and his mouth open wide, half-lidded cerulean eyes practically begging to feel Harry’s come streak his cheeks. There was a wanting evident in his expression that Harry had etched into his memory and that delightfully haunted him each time he and Louis would interact in the public eye. Harry and Louis would lock gaze across the stage and all Harry could see is Louis on his knees, begging for his come, or underneath Harry, begging to come, and he almost wished that the world could see this side of Louis because then it would all make sense. It was the missing puzzle piece to the impressive enigma that was Louis Tomlinson and Harry was almost reluctant to be its sole keeper. Almost.

Show me a good time (chaptered) |**| Summary: Harry always grew up in a predominately poor neighborhood. His family was poor and he was used to scraping and working to appreciate even the little things in life. All of the poverty and struggling eventually comes to a halt when he meets Louis Tomlinson, a young music exec one evening at a very posh club after being dragged down by Niall his careless roommate. Harry’s life immediately changes all in a single night, and well it only gets better and better.

My pretty bitch || Summary: Louis’ 16 and Harry’s 19, and one day in school, a thought comes to Louis’ mind; he’d quite possibly—no, actually—quite positively look good in girls’ clothes. Harry comes home on hols from Uni unexpectedly.

Down and dirty, you’re loving me so loud |*| Summary: Harry’s finally twenty and there’s a few things he wants.

Princess || Warnings: crossdressing, feminization, fingering, riding, comeplay, begging, barebacking, bottom!harry

Don’t stop (I haven’t had enough) |**| Prompt: Lingerie!Louis being dominated by Harry

Daddy’s toys |*| Summary: Harry was eight the first time he found his daddy’s toys. Louis decides to punish him when he finds Harry using them.

Let’s go somewhere they might discover us |*****| Smmary: Harry and Louis are out to dinner and Harry is really horny. Louis eats him out in the bathroom.

Number One fan |***| Summary: Harry’s sluttiness and need to get fucked combined with the football teams need for more motivation prompted the incentive. The agreement was simple, every game there was a player awarded MVP by the coaches. The MVP, or most valuable player was basically who all the coaches agreed played their best or the best in the game. Whichever player was awarded MVP was the one that got to take the head cheerleader, Harry home for some fun.

Keep me forever, tell me you love me || Summary: They’ve been cooped up in the tour bus for weeks now, only managing quick handjobs late at night when everyone else is asleep — huffing hot breaths into each others’ necks, choking off moans and trying to stay quiet. But now they have time to do it right. And Louis plans on making this last.

You’ll breath me (you won’t release) |**********| Summary: AU where Louis is a 25-year-old driving instructor and Harry is a 17-year-old virgin who’s really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures.

All sexed out |**| Prompt: Niam escalating to the point were dominant liam fucks niall literally senseless to where he is just unable to move are make words. Similar to this statement: “It wasn’t the best lube, but Liam was fairly loose from the previous night anyway, when Liam had fucked him three times and then once again with a vibrator until Niall was so exhausted he couldn’t even formulate coherent words.

Skype || Summary: Liam and Niall are separated when the boys go home for a short vacation. They’re having a hard time being away from each other, so they decide to Skype.

Attention seeking || Summary: Niall is 7 months pregnant with Liam’s baby, he’s feeling unappreciated, fat, unloved and wants nothing more than to “cuddle” with Liam. 

Suck harder slut || Summary: Zayn, Louis and Liam are the most popular boys in school that Harry has had a crush on for ages. Harry’s a nerd that often goes unnoticed until one day Zayn invites him over to Louis’ house for some fun.

I’ll be here for you for ever || Summary: Harry and Edward are 13 and twins.

I’ve got you || Summary: Harry, Edward, and Lucas have always been attached at the hip, ever since they could walk. Harry, Edward, and Lucas you see are triplets and ever since elementary school kids have treated them differently because they looked exactly like one other, from the color of their eyes, too the curls on the top of their heads.

Locked Out || Smut. Hangjobs.

My good boy || Smut. Daddy kink.

Can you teach me |*| Contains: incest/daddy!kink/underage (x)

Niall, Louis and things series

1. Have you lost your mind, and your wrist got bruised? (and you wanted better love, well it’s sleeping in your bedroom) || “I guess it doesn’t if you keep getting them,” Niall whispers, leans back a bit against the couch. 
“It feels nice,” Louis hums, leans down until their noses bump, “I can show you how it doesn’t hurt.” 
Niall feels the blood rush to his face, splotch into red marks, like the indents Louis used to leave when they were smaller.

2.  What if it was you? you that i needed all along || Niall’s neck is where Louis keeps his secrets.

3. Like scattered seeds of sycamore || “It’s just a tree,” Niall says again and Louis crosses his arms. “Yeah, well I’m just a person, and god knows there’s a lot of those.”

4. Sweet bread and chocolate names || Niall hums the whole time through, turning away slightly from Louis so he can’t see what he’s up to. Louis really hopes he doesn’t make a penis out of the marzipan.

5. You are everything i want (‘cause you are everything i’m not) || "I bet it’s stupid," Niall says and Louis smiles wider. Like Niall is making him too happy. It gives Niall a pang of nostalgia. He missed that smile. "Probably," he says and takes a bite of the chicken nugget.

6. The sun will catch our hope || “Oh,” Louis says, looks up at Niall, legs limp, “your eyes have gone funny,” Niall blinks down, “better?” he whispers. “No,” Louis smiles small, “still funny looking.”

"You’re really small," Niall finally says, can feel blood roaring in his ear, this is it, this is all Niall’s been after, it’s going to finally happen.

"Yeah," Louis frowns, "my mum says it’s ‘cause that’s how we’re all made. I’m small and you know," he gestures to his wide hips, his pinched in waist, "and you’re big and boy. It’s science.”

Possibilities. || Summary: Louis’ jealously over Niam begins to take over him. Niall has to remind him that there’s no one else for him but Louis.

You’ll be sorry || Summary: New boyfriends Niall and Louis finally get half an hour to themselves while they’re busy touring and they choose to use this time to ‘experiment’ a little.

Impatient || Summary: Louis calls Niall while he’s in the middle of fucking himself with his toy.

Not playing safe || PWP. Oh yes. This is completely smut. This is my first published attempt I’m sorry if it’s not great. Also if you don’t like smut or boy on boy action I would just…leave. Yeah. Just don’t read this. Kind of sort of based off of Niall tweeting Louis Happy Birthday several times and then promising to call him.

Fuck me daddy || Summary: Louis Tomlinson was adopted at the age of ten, now fifteen years of age he finds a bond with his father he never noticed before, a sexual connection.

Don’t wait, let’s go go go ||  Summary: Niall is working on some company’s website and Louis turns his chair around, tilts Niall’s chin back and makes Niall meet his eyes. “We’ve been together a long while, haven’t we?” Louis asks. Niall nods, thinks that he should panic because this sounds like a break up. His brain wracks itself over evidence, reasons why this would be happening, why after all these years, all the things they’ve accomplished together. Louis’ job at the local school, the nice house they could finally afford when Niall got a bonus at this job. Why would Louis want to leave him now, after they’ve done it all, settled in. “Yeah, we have,” he says slowly, tries to look away but Louis drops down to Niall’s level, makes it impossible for Niall to avoid his gaze. “Let’s get pregnant.”

You’re my leading lady, baby || Summary: Zayn, to be honest, has been trying to ignore the fact that he’s still wearing the lace pants. It’s distracting and it’s strange, and it’s almost too nice, so he’s just been attempting to ignore them and focus on her. But he can’t ignore Perrie.

Physical || Contains: sailor!zayn/marine!liam/smut/bit of fluff (x)

Just let me liberate you || Summary: Louis dares Zayn to dress as a girl for a day. Liam is more into it than he expected.

Finding what I’ve lost || Summary: The five times that Liam bought a vibrator. (And the one time he didn’t need it.)

The final act || Summary: Zayn is used to hearing Liam pleasuring himself, he just never expecting it to be because of him. And if Zayn interrupts Liam in the act, well, the show must go on, right?

On a break || Summary: Liam can’t be there when Zayn gets his tattoo.

The perfect climax || Summary: Maybe Zayn missed his cue on that song on purpose. But he blamed Liam. Punishment under the practiced hands of his Dom was just too pleasurable.

Letting go || Summary: Sometimes it’s very hard to let go and let someone else take over.

Writing assignments || Summary: Who said writing assignments couldn’t be fun?!

Sticky finges || Summary: Zayn hadn’t believed Harry when he said it. It just didn’t make sense. What straight guy would enjoy fingers or other objects being stuck up their arse unless they were gay? In which Zayn experiments with fingering but quickly realizes, that’s not his finger…

Harder, better, faster, stronger |*| Summary: Basically in which Liam wants to fuck the shit out of Zayn; and he lets him.

Swing low, suck deep || Summary: Liam’s big. Like really big. He can’t help the fact that he taste so damn good, or that Zayn finds it positively irresistible.

Why don’t we just pretend? || Rating/Warning: NC-17; semi-public sex

Thought of you || Summary: Zayn walks in on Liam’s ‘special’ time, and neither of them really mind.

You do from time to time |*| Summary: Harry seems no more fazed by tonight than any other time they’ve watched porn and jerked off, so why should Zayn be?

Check The Backyard || Warning: gay sex, swearing

That’s what you do, baby || Summary: "Huh. Well, if you’re ever up for it, you should let me. My name’s Zayn, by the way. Zayn Malik." "I know," Harry blurts out before he can stop himself. There’s his voice, then. And his blush, Christ. Zayn is giving him an odd look, so he says, “I mean, I’ve seen your art. In the halls. It’s really good." Zayn perks up at that, smiling. “Well then, I guess it’s settled. You’ll model for me. Great.”

Good Boy II III IV V VI VII || Smut. Underage. Daddy kink. Summary: 10-year-old Harry Styles went to have a sleepover at his best mate’s, Niall place. He woke up in the middle of the night to use bathroom and ended up having little fun with his mate’s dad, Zayn.

You’ve been a boy boy, Mr Styles. || Smut. Blowjobs. Exhibitionism. Dirty talk. Summary: Harry gives his professor, Zayn a blowjob under the desk during class.

When I was six || Zarry underage smut. Daddy kink. Summary: When I was six, my daddy and I moved together to a little house on the outsides of London, away of the big city. When I was six, I had two daddies taking care of me. I knew I was adopted. My daddies had explained me that two daddies can’t have babies together, so they have to adopt. When I was six, my daddies decided to divorce so I had to choose with whom I wanted to live, and I choose daddy Zayn. When I was six, what I enjoyed the most was spending time with my daddy.

Hit me baby one more time || Summary: Zayn looks good like this.

You’re the first my everything || Prompt: The one where Harry!baby plays on his Father Liam’s ipad, and open the other apps while Liam is showering. He accidenlty open the redtube bookmark straight to gayporn, he watches until Liam comes out of the shower watching Harry with s boner snd intensly watching the porn. Harry begs Liam to something about it, and beg him to do it the same way the pornstsrs are doing. Smut smut, rough smut, and dry

Help || Contains: Lots of over stimulation, cum, toys 

My super hot stepdad || Summary: Harry want to be fucked by his hot stepdad, Liam…

Such a flirt || Warnings: sexual content, gay sex, dirty talk, threesome

Weakness by rorycroft || Summary: While in search of headphones, Harry stumbles across Louis and Zayn’s sex tape. He thought he could get away with taking it, but Louis catches him and punishes him for his transgression.

Writing moments on the wall with different colors || Summary: He’s not going to find the right answer by making lists of pros and cons. The truth is that he loves them both. He doesn’t know why everyone tries to sell some true love fantasy about finding “the one”, because now more than ever Harry knows that doesn’t exist. He is definitely in love with two people, two completely different people with completely different personalities, and there is no right choice.

Colour my sense cherry red || Summary: Zayn Malik, closeted gay pornstar. (chaptered)

Sharing series:

Sharing || Summary: Harry is a good boy who desperately wants to make his daddy happy. He does what he’s asked and isn’t allowed to say no. Even when Louis invites his coworker Zayn over and shares his son for an evening.

Is caring || Summary: Louis trades his son’s body for an evening for football tickets. Zayn, Niall, and Liam come over and have fun with Harry.

Three for three. || Threesome. Summary: Niall and Harry can’t get over how good Louis looked at the VMA’s

Private School AU || Summary: Private School AU. Zayn and Harry are the most popular guys at school (and therefore bitches). They’re not friends but have sex together quite frequently as a fucked up way of showing each other respect. Niall - a mutual friend - finds out.

Instinctual || Summary: Niall goes into heat. Good thing that they’re on a break for about a week. And that he has both his boyfriend and a best mate.

Open Door Policy:

1 |**| Summary: Niall’s door is always open. Quite literally.

2 |**| Summary: Niall gets demanding.

A wolf in disguise |*| Summary: Married couple Zayn and Liam need a babysitter for their four year old, Harry. When uni student, Niall, shows up to fill the position, Zayn decides to have a little fun.

Fuck me, Daddy || Summary: Zayn is Liam’s slutty boyfriend. When Liam brings him over to meet his father, Niall, and leaves them alone to get to know each other, things heat up.

No I in threesome |**| Summary: Louis wears lingerie to win a bet.

Do it right || Summary: Louis gets pretty for Harry and Liam. (This is weird)

Take it all || Summary: Louis has a kink for being full, so Harry suggests a threesome. Louis wants it to be with Liam.

Cannot hide this |**| Summary: “The three of us, Liam. You, Harry, me, in one relationship. Not me and Harry and you separately, or Harry and you, or me and you. All three of us. Together.”

Firsts |***| Summary: Liam is Louis’ older brother. When Liam’s friends are over one night, they all state that they’d like to fuck Louis. Liam decides to let Harry do it, but only if he gets to watch.

Do it right |**| Summary: Louis gets pretty for Harry and Liam.

Help Me || Smut. Everyone’s fucking Niall.

Mr Malik.  || Underage. Teacher kink. Smut.

When he’s asleep || Summary: “Aww guys, look at little Ni. He’s already asleep” Louis said tenderly, caressing Niall’s hair and looking at his closed eyes. And that’s how it all started. How it ends like it did?

Their cocks || ‘Summary’: Real love is writing for someone about one direction’s penises so this is 687 words about one direction’s penises from p with much love to my darlings…

Expensive phone Bill

Bad boy series || Just a bit of zianourry where one of the boys get punished by the other. 

You’re a classic |**| Summary: Harry wears a maid costume, is indignant, and gets fucked.

Is it my turn? || Summary: au oneshot in which all the boys are strippers and they’re all in love with louis but harry loves louis the most and then they all fuck

Two and two make five |**| Summary: “You know what I’ve never done?” Louis wonders. “Had birthday sex.” Louis-centric OT5 smut because everyone should get well fucked on their birthday.

True nature awoken |**| Summary: Liam’s the lone beta but wants to get knotted and bonded with each of his alphas. The sex is one at a time. Turns out he was a dormant omega.

To be the friction in your jeans |**| Summary: Harry really, really likes to be watched. When they’re all lounging around watching TV he’ll start kissing Louis and he’ll take it as far as he can until Louis makes him stop because the other boys are in the room or drags him away to finish in private. He’ll do it wherever - at home, on the bus, in the car, backstage in the dressing room. The boys maybe kind of secretly wish Louis would stop stopping Harry, and maybe one night when they’re drunk he does.

What happens on the tour bus, stays on the tour bus || Summary: Niall gets braces and he’s sore and miserable. The other boys find a way to take his mind off it and cheer him up.

White boy wasted || summary: Louis’ notorious for this kind of behavior, for taking the humiliation just a little too far, but that’s why he’s the fraternity Chaplain. The pledges are terrified of him so he’s able to keep them in line.

A life time || in chronological order:

Tastes just like cherry cola || Summary: Inspired by Zayn’s appearance in the Best Song Ever video as the lovely Veronica. The boys think Zayn looks very pretty, and they decide to show him just how pretty they think he is.

New things to try |*| Contains: rimming/fingering/fucking/fluff

Show me yours I’ll show you mine |**| Contains: handjobs/blowjobs/mouthful

Innocence Lost |***| Contains: orgy/underage/dubcon/subcon

Secrets |**| Contains: bondage/gagging/toys/lots of cum

Be A Good Little Cockslut || Where Louis is 8, and he wants to be a good cockslut for daddy. (This is so dirty ._.)

Outlast |********| Summary: And then Louis says, “I bet £10,000 I could go longer without wanking than all of you,” which was probably his first mistake. In which Louis has some regrets, Liam isn’t worried, Niall wants to help, Harry tries to forfeit, and Zayn may or may not be bothered.

Teasing || Summary: Niall has been feeling left out of his boyfriends’ late night activities. And so, he plots revenge. And of course, it backfires.

It started with a whisper |*| Summary: “See, we’ll make it a game, one to broaden our sexual horizons, to actively discover kinks we like and kinks we don’t. 5 months, 5 surprises, 5 new, creative rounds of sex!”

We can see everything from here || Summary: Niall sleeps with all of the boys during X Factor and they all fall in love with him, thinking they’re the only one.

Where’s Zayn || Summary: Zayn gets lost, the boys find him.

At the same time || Summary: Niall is 15 and the rest of the boys are 24-29, and they are also Niall’s teachers. Niall takes two cocks at the same time, and comes three times, completely untouched.

Filled and covered || Contains: knotting/omega!louis/cum drench

Ruin you completely |*| Summary: Louis is out with his son, Harry, when he’s kidnapped by five men and forced to have sex with them with his son watching.

Underage drabble series || Description: A collection of mostly smutty underage drabbles. (Lots of pairings, check it out and decide which one you wanna read.)

Well, I will |**| Summary: Meeting Zayn’s eyes for quiet agreement, Louis drags his fingernails down Liam’s thighs between strokes. “Yeah, Li,” he says, terse, flexes his fingers against his reddened skin. “Knew you’d love it. Look at you.”

Tend me black and white |***| Summary: “Tell him,” Louis says, gently, glancing up Harry’s long torso, rubbing his fingers through the gleaming sweat and come over Harry’s stomach. “Go on, Haz.”

White boy wasted |****| Summary: Louis’ notorious for this kind of behavior, for taking the humiliation just a little too far, but that’s why he’s the fraternity Chaplain. The pledges are terrified of him so he’s able to keep them in line.

Our father |****| Summary: Liam is a priest and decides to start a class for boys turning 12 that school year to teach them about sex in a religious setting. He teaches the boys that coming is a sin. Lots of demonstrating, practicing, and private sessions.

All strung up for gift ideas || Summary: Niall surprises his boyfriends with an unusual gist for their anniversary.

A day in the life |*****| Summary: Sequel to Three Day Getaway. A day in the life of One Direction on tour. Set a couple of months after Three Day Getaway.



* | Good goody smut.

** | Hot hot hot.

*** | Just to get you going like.

*********** | Did I have an orgasm? Oh yes I did.


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